Jee Hyuck Park

ADF(Automatic Direction Finder)Testing


  1. ADF frequencies

Medium frequncy band of 190KHz to 1750Khz

2. ADF Ramp Test
a. No Box available

b. At the airport tune local NBD

c. If stronger signal is require then use local radio station.

3. ADF Bench testing
a. Sensitivity audio at 6db Signal+Noise/Noise

b. Bearing threshold (accurate bearing at 70microV/m)

c. Bearing accuracy
-7000micro V
-10K microV/m

4. ADF operation and Testing

Automatic Direction Finder - Testing

5. Test Equipment

The L-280 Automatic Direction Finder Test Panel is engineered for the bench testing of ADF receivers, both panel-mounted and remote-mounted units.
The panel has a digital meter to monitor input voltage and current, as well as several output voltage test points. The panel has a built-in speaaker for audio monitoring.
The L-280 comes enclosed in its own cabinet back and can be used in standard rack mounting or stand-alone.